GBWhatsApp APK 6.85 Latest Version Download Official [Updated]

Looking for GBWhatsApp APK? So, the wait is over, Here is the latest GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 6.85 for Android update and its features in full details. Now, as of today, we have updated all the links required to the latest version of this app! We are providing latest Android App Downloads here!

GBWhatsApp APK

After the evolution of Android Phones, various useful applications were developed by various Programmers. WhatsApp is one of them. After purchasing an Android Smartphone, Most of the users Install this App.

WhatsApp is the most common chatting application with over 1 Billion Downloads on the Google Play Store. But, there are some features in this app, which are limited.

July Update: We have added the latest version APK for the GBWhatApp Android App and we have the latest update. Please do not download the fake versions of GBWhatsApp APK file from any website. The current official latest version of GBWhatsApp is 6.85 (Updated), so download GBWhatsApp 6.85 version only.

GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android 2019

App Size28.4 MB
App DeveloperGBMods OMAR
Requires Root?No
Minimum Android VersionAndroid 4.0

But wait, to overcome this, some developers have modded the APK of WhatsApp Application and changed some of the features of the App. This modded app is called as GBWhatsApp. (GB WhatsApp). It is also called as WhatsApp GB.

Here, in this post, you will find how to download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 6.85 and How to Install GBWhatsApp or GB WhatsApp with some common settings.

So, here we are providing the Direct Download link for GBWhatsApp Apk 6.85 Latest Version 2019 Update.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download 6.85 Latest Version 2019

Download GB WhatsApp Apk: GBWhatsApp is one of the best-modded apps for WhatsApp messenger. It has too many features better than the original WhatsApp application itself. Using this app, you can hide your Last Seen, Blue Read Tick Receipt, Grey Sent Tick Receipt, etc.

You can change the theme and fonts in this GBWhatsApp APK Update and it gets regular updates. Thus, you can customize the application in your style without any limitations like WhatsApp.

This GBWhatsApp or GBWA is the oldest mod APK of the WhatsApp messenger app and it is the best mod APK till now. It is also called GBWA. If you’re ever tired of your WhatsApp messenger application, then you can surely use or try this GB WhatsApp APK and install it on your Android Phone.

GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version 6.85 Download (Details)

GBWhatsApp is the best mod available for WhatsApp. It has many competitors like YOWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, but it is different from them. You can easily gbmods gb WhatsApp download for free with the latest version 6.70.

GBWhatsApp Latest Version APK Download (Features)

  • Dual WhatsApp on GBWhatsApp
  • Different Mods of Theme on GBWhatsApp
  • Different Privacy Mods
  • Anti-Ban and Secure Application based on WhatsApp
  • Message Scheduler on GBWhatsApp APK
  • More Extra Features and Extra Mods on GBWhatsApp APK Download
  • Added new emojis
  • Send HD quality images
  • Hide chats option added
  • Save story button added
  • Stay 24 hours online mod
  • Change launcher icon mod
  • WhatsApp lock mod added
  • Feature to copy message text
  • Block calls for specific contacts
  • Many languages support added
  • Much more to discover after install
  • Status Copy Feature Added on GBWhatsApp APK 2019

GBWhatsApp APK Download link

So, now you are ready to download GBWhatsApp APK, so, here is the link to Download the APK File.

Now you can download the latest version 6.85 of the app for your devices.

The Creator OMAR of GBWhatsApp 6.85 has done some great job this time, because, he has added different versions for different devices hardware!

Yeah!, now you can download this app on the basis of the hardware of your phone! Isn’t it amazing? This clearly means that GBWhatsApp will support more and more devices. Check out Lucky Patcher APK for Android.

Download GBWhatsApp for “armeabi-v7a”, “arm64-v8a”, “x86_64”, “x86” devices

Download GBWhatsApp 6.85 APK

For this, you need to know your phone’s HARDWARE.

CHECK YOUR PHONE’S HARDWARE for GBWhatsApp using the steps given below using an App

How to Check Hardware Compatibility for GBWhatsApp 6.85

  1. To know whether your device is suitable for GBWhatsApp 6.85 Version or not, or which GBWA GBWhatsApp 6.85 Version is suitable for your device, you first need to Install the Droid Hardware Info App from the Google Play Store.
  2. Play Store Link:
  3. Open this Droid Hardware Info App
  4. Open System Tab.
  5. Check the INSTRUCTION SETS and Download GBWhatsApp version according to your hardware.

GBWhatsApp APK Download (Related Video)

Download GBWhatsApp APK Update Latest Version 2019
GBWhatsApp APK Download

After watching this video, you may be able to transfer chats from normal WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp mod APK.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. The video here was unavailable because of several reasons as the owner of the GB WhatsApp Safe or Not Video deleted the video, so we have added another video which might help you. You can Download Everything for Windows.

How to Migrate from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp Updated APK 6.85 Latest

If you are not a tech-savvy person, then you may be facing some problem while installing GBWhatsApp mod APK. But here are some steps which you should follow to install the application correctly. First, you need to download GBWhatsApp for Android.

Many people are facing problems while migrating from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp, so here we share the details on How to Install GBWhatsApp on Android and transfer the chats from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp in seconds.

  • Open WhatsApp. Go to the settings and open chat options.
  • Now open the chat backup option. You will be in the backup option of the chats.
  • Press the backup button in the section of chat and media backup. It will backup all the chats to your WhatsApp Number’s Account.
  • Now, you need to verify your mobile number. After Verifying the Mobile Number, tap on Copy WhatsApp Data.

After that, you will find that all your WhatsApp data has been Backed up and you can easily restore this data on the GBWhatsApp Application. (GBWA)

How to install GBWhatsApp APK

Here is the step-by-step guide to installing GBWhatsApp APK on Android related video:

Please note that this video is not in the English Language, the link of this video is taken from a YouTube Channel.

If you find this video not helpful, please comment below, we will add the updated version for GBWhatsApp installation and safety.

Final Words

You have read all the details about the GBWhatsApp APK on this site. Still, if you feel that we are missing something, you can point it out using the comment section below.

After the huge popularity of WhatsApp, some people were tired of its limited features. So, they tried to create new features using the same APK file of the WhatsApp and the modified or modded WhatsApp was called as GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp has a lot of great features as compared to WhatsApp.

If you want to request any latest application, you can always use the comment section below or contact us using the contact us page.

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We have updated the Download Links and for the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK. Currently, the latest version of GBWhatsApp is 6.55 (Now, it is 6.85). There are a couple of blogs which show the latest version more than this, remember they may be misleading.

Two of the videos in this article is updated. One of the videos is not in the English Language and we are sorry for that. We will make a video on How to Install and Use GBWhatsApp APK soon.

If you find anything misleading, hurting or copyright infringements in this article, then let us know in the comments below, or, send your query at our mail, with the subject including GBWhatsApp Download File. If the download links are not working, then let us know we’ll update them.

Date: 18th June 2018

A new version of GBWhatsApp is on the way. It is GBWhatsApp 6.55 (Now, 6.70 is the GBWhatsApp Latest Version) will be the latest version of APK. We will update the download links as soon as we get confirmation from the developers. There is no 6.80 or higher version of GBWhatsApp. As of 2019 April, the latest version is now updated to 6.85.

Disclaimer: GBWhatsApp and GBWhatsAPP APK for Android are the properties of the respective owners. Here, we have just shared the download links for the latest version of GBWhatsApp 2019 for our users. There is no copyright infringement by us. GBWhatsApp is the best modded WhatsApp Application.

Update Date: 25/08/2018

Which is the Latest Version of GBWhatsApp?

As of 12/04/2019, the latest version of GBWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp APK is version 6.85 (v6.85) for the year 2019. The creators have added the great new modifications to the latest version of GBWA. You may see more improvements in the future updates of this app. ( Latest Version of GBWhatsApp for January 2019 is GBWhatsApp v6.85)

Some common improvements in the latest version 6.85 of GBWhatsApp App are as follows:

Improvements to GBWhatsApp 6.50 Latest Version

  1. [ New ] Base Updated to 2.18.203
  2. [ Exclusive ] Know Which Messages are Deleted Anytime you want (Go to Contact/Group Profile and Click on Revoked Messages)
  3. [ Enabled ] Media Visibility (Go to Profile – Media Visibility)
  4. [ Enabled ] Mark as Read in Notification.
  5. [ Enabled ] Select All Chats on Main Screen
  6. [ Removed ] Separate App for Themes
  7. [ Removed ] Mod 6.8 as Old codes removed by WhatsApp Inc. 
  8. [ Fixed ] Header Vibration for hiding Chats
  9. [ Fixed ] Revoke Notification not showing in Few Devices
  10. [ Fixed ] Apply Themes in Some Devices
  11. [ Fixed ] Web Search
  12. [ Fixed ] Backup & Restore (Mod 6.7)
  13. [ Fixed ] Share and Send Theme
  14. [ Updated ] Italian and Portuguese Language
  15. Many Other Fixes

Update [14th September 2018]

After a lot of requests for this app, we have updated the download links for the latest version. Please do check them and tell us if they are not working. Currently, everything is working fine. I myself use the latest version of this mod application (also called as GBWhatsApp Latest), you can download it from here in the easiest way possible.

Comment below and share with our users, how and what you feel about this GBWhatsApp modded application, and do share the post with your friends and relatives. It will help us a lot ♥

Update: 22nd January 2019

GBWhatsApp is now updated to the Latest Version GBWhatsApp 6.85, you can now download the GBWhatsApp 2019 Version using the links we have provided. If you are still having some problem while downloading GBWhatsApp 2019, comment below.

GBWhatsapp Latest Update: WhatsApp Official Banning GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus Users

In its official FAQ on temporary banning, WhatsApp used the words GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus for the first time. Being the official website of WhatsApp App, it is very threatening for the users of GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus as their accounts might get deleted with the latest update.

10/04/2019 Update: FAQ’s and How to be safe, NOBAN GBWhatsApp/WhatsApp Plus/YoWhatsApp, Save GBWhatsApp Mod Application Ban-Free

After this FAQ was updated on the official website of WhatsApp, some people claimed that their WhatsApp Account for their number was banned for six to nine months. Even after contacting the customer support, their accounts were not coming back and now they have to wait for many months to use their number.

Although, the list of banned users is very less. Only a few users of GBWhatsApp and other mod applications are banned. So, there’s no need to worry.

There’s a new 2019 Update for GBWhatsApp Official Latest Version APK, you can get this update above, or comment in the section after this article, we’ll reply with the Direct Download Link. This recent update for GBWhatsApp might have solved the BAN/NOBAN issue with the latest version. Still, you can’t completely rely on a modded application.

We suggest you not to use any Modded WhatsApp App for your primary mobile number and instead use it for your another number and give that number to your friends and loved ones.

From the FAQ’s on the official website, here’s the thing in detail:

In the event that you got an in-application message expressing your record is “Temporarily BANNED” this implies you’re likely utilizing an unsupported adaptation of WhatsApp rather than the authority WhatsApp application. On the off chance that you don’t change to the authority application subsequent to being incidentally restricted, your record may be for all time prohibited from utilizing WhatsApp.

Unsupported applications, for example, WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp, are modified variants of WhatsApp. These informal applications are created by outsiders and disregard our Terms of Service. WhatsApp doesn’t bolster these outsider applications since we can’t approve their security rehearses.

The most effective method to change to the authority WhatsApp application

You may need to reinforcement your talk history before moving to the authority WhatsApp application. The name of the unsupported application you’re utilizing decides if you have to exchange your visit history. Find the name of the application by tapping More Options > Settings > Help > App data. Pursue the means beneath dependent on the name of the application: WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp.

In case you’re utilizing an application other than WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp, we suggest sparing your visit history before downloading the authority WhatsApp application.

For GB WhatsApp APK

We prescribe following the means beneath to spare and exchange your talk history. Inability to pursue these means could result in lost talk history. It would be ideal if you note that we can’t ensure this will be a fruitful visit history exchange on the grounds that WhatsApp doesn’t bolster informal applications.

  • Trust that your brief boycott will end. The clock will demonstrate to you the length of the boycott.
  • In GB WhatsApp, tap More alternatives > Chats > Back up talks.
  • Go to Phone Settings > tap Storage > Files.
  • Discover the organizer GB WhatsApp and tap and hold to choose it.
  • In the upper right corner tap More > Rename and rename the organizer to “WhatsApp”.
  • Explore to the Play Store and download the authority WhatsApp application. In the event that you can’t get to the Play Store, download the application here.
  • In WhatsApp, confirm your telephone number. Figure out how to check in this article.
  • On the Backup discovered screen, tap Restore > Next.
  • WhatsApp should stack with your current talks.

For WhatsApp Plus

  • On the off chance that your visit history was recently spared, it ought to consequently exchange to the authority WhatsApp application. Figure out how to spare your talk history in our Help Center.
  • Explore to the Play Store and download the WhatsApp application. In the event that you can’t get to the Play Store, download the application here.
  • Check your telephone number. Figure out how to confirm in this article.
  • Assets
  • In case you’re utilizing the authority WhatsApp application and your record is prohibited, allude to this article.
  • Study how to utilize WhatsApp dependably in this article.

GBWhatsapp APK Latest Version 6.85 2019 Atnfas Hoax Changelog

  • Fixed some Bugs
  • DND mode added
  • New Bubble Colors
  • New Icons for Launcher
  • Base Updated to 2.19.17
  • New Emoticons are added
  • You can now call participants in groups
  • Enhanced Auto Reply
  • Location Sharing is now enabled
  • Now, send and share themes
  • Much more with the GBWhatsApp Latest Version 6.85

Do check these features of this app! You might like COC Mod Apk

GBWhatsApp Temporarily Banned Solution

Do check this post on GBWhatsApp Temporarily banned problem. The Solution for GBWhatsApp Temporarily banned problem is only updating GBWhatsApp. Update GBWhatsApp app to the latest version 6.85 available.


So, we have updated the Download link to the latest version of GBWhatsApp i.e. 6.85, if you need more information about this app, then comment below, we will try to help you as much as we can do! We have updated the version to the latest GB WhatsApp 6.85. With the 2019 Latest version of this app, there are many new features added to it, which provide somewhat different overall experience throughout this app. GBWhatsApp is a great choice for maintaining the privacy and security of your chats, but it is still not trusted by the official WhatsApp Developers or Facebook. Do comment below, what you like about this app, and don’t forget to share this app with your friends!

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